A Lesson From Tony Robbins – Control Your Emotions

Tony Robbins – An Important Lesson About Ambition and Determination

Have you heard of Tony Robbins? This week we recap one of his latest and most profound interviews, where Tony recalls the exact steps he took to completely turn his life around. From 17, living on his own as a janitor to building an empire on inspiring those around him.  He was on his own at 17, living on a janitor’s income.

Tony Robbins at TedTalk

Tony Robin’s Success Began with Saving Up

Tony actually saved up for months in order to approach the late motivational speaker Jim Rohn. It wasn’t long before Rohn took a shining to Tom and became his mentor, from there Tony began his path to become a motivational speaker. It has been said that it took some time for Tony to find his voice, however, once he found it – he had it and never looked back.

“I was really frustrated, and I’d been working my guts out — 12-, 14-hour days — nothing was working, and I was pissed off and frustrated,” – Tony Robbins 

Then He Had the Hard Talk By Jim Rohn

It was in this time where Rohn gave Tony the world re-known advice and that was simply put:

“Tony, you’re so focused on expecting things to happen so fast… Your worth in the marketplace is based on your ability to add more value than anyone else. If you can find a way to do more for others in your company, more for the employees, more for the clients, than anybody else, your gifts will make room for you. But in order to do that, you’ve got to build skills.’”

While this advice was a dramatic turning point for Tony, it did not magically change or transform anything. What they did do was motivate Tony to become the focus, driven and hungry for success and it was here where Tony began to transform into his own unique style as he found his voice. As he developed his style, he began to move slightly away from Rohn’s approach.

He Released His First Book at Age 26

It was at the age of 26 that Tony released his first best selling book entitled ‘Unlimited Power’. This coincided with Tony entering the mainstream world of motivational speaking and working alongside celebrity clients such as champion tennis player Serena Wiliams, billionaire investor Paul Tudor Jones and even at some point, President Clinton.

when he was 26, with the success of his bestselling book “Unlimited Power,” and went on to work with clients like champion tennis player Serena Williams, billionaire investor Paul Tudor Jones, and even President Bill Clinton.

Now, what can we gather from all this? I think the best summary would be that sometimes good things don’t always happen all at once. Even though you may get the best advice, read the best book or have the best mentor – things will only change when you put the effort into actually achieving what you have set out in front of you.

Today’s challenge: Write down five goals on a sheet of paper. First goal easiest and then get harder. Aim to complete these 5 goals by the next 6 months and allow the smaller goals to give you a boost.

You can watch the full Q&A below.

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3 Replies to “A Lesson From Tony Robbins – Control Your Emotions”

  1. This was a great article. I do think there could have been more depth to what you said, but alot of it is true.

    Have you tried looking into some of Tony’s recent stuff? His new book ‘Unshakable’ is amazing and it actually provides application, not just feel good jazz.

    1. Thanks James! I will check this out. I also appreciate your feedback and I’m glad you like the blog. Can you shoot over a link to my email in the contact sect? I would love to do a review of the book.

  2. The world needs more people like Tony Robbins! This crazy marketing guru thing with no substance is getting out of hand.

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