Complain about a taxi vehicle or its driver


There’s no time of year when it’s difficult to catch a taxi than a weekend during the holidays.

That challenge was on full display and there are some complain about taxi service such as when a customer being refused by taxi service because his home was too far. If you’re unhappy with the driving or behavior of the driver, quality of vehicle, fare or any other issue, make your complaint to the driver or the taxi provider. However, what can you do if you’re left high and dry by a driver?

These information on how to feedback complaints about taxi vehicle or its driver.

The licensing service can investigate complaints such as:


Refusal to hire

Rudeness/verbal abuse

Journey routes

Physical makeup of vehicle such as cleanliness

Safety of vehicle

Other complaints such as dangerous driving, theft or assault must be reported to the Police and then to the licensing agency.

Where possible you should include:

A description of the incident

The driver’s badge number (if possible)

The plate number and registration number of the taxi

The time and date of the incident and the journey details

Other passengers present

The private hire operator name

Your contact details

For those complaints which may end up in court, they will require a witness statements from all those present throughout the incident. If you do not want to complete a witness statement, the complaint cannot go to court and will be given with in a less formal manner.


What happen next?

An officer will acknowledge receipt of the complaint within some working days, but the nature of the complaint may not warrant the contents just being discussed with the complainant.

They will get and trace the driver or operator concerned and they should respond to the complainant. Your contact details are in private to members of the others without your permission. They will consider all the evidence to know what are the right action should be taken. Once a decision has been through, you will be informed.

The outcome

With all complaints, there should be enough evidence in order to take some actions. This may mean there are witnesses, or some other form of evidence such as video, CCTV, audio or some witness.

When they have enough evidence to prove the complainant they can either warn the taxi driver as to their future conduct, take action against their driver’s license or prosecute the taxi driver if it is a criminal offence.

However, the action depends on a number of incidents for example, some things of complaint are not criminal offences and cannot result in prosecution. Where there is not enough evidence, it is unlikely we will be able to take some actions. They may get and record the details on the driver’s file and consider the matter if they receive other complaints of a similar incident.

In case you are not happy with the outcome you can also ask for your complaint to be reviewed by the Licensing Service Manager.